code of ethics

Governed By Compliance Officer

All communication firms have a dual mandate- to help clients speak about themselves and to do so in a regulated environment of transparency, collaboration and measurable impact. The recipient of the communication may also be vulnerable; and hence societal expectations and ethical propriety are critical to our operations.

Industry  Considerations - The  Network  does  not  accept  engagements  promoting  the tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or pornography industries.

Legal Considerations - We need to be aware of legal and regulatory restrictions, safety considerations,  as  well as ethical, cultural, and societal issues that may affect how we conduct our client campaigns. Laws and regulations are established at the national, regional, and local levels and may often vary significantly based on geography.

Societal Expectations - When planning client campaigns, we must consider their ethical and societal  implications. Failure to do so can cast aspersions on our clients‟ and our own integrity

Client Industry Regulations - Many of our clients operate in a regulated environment, such as those in the  healthcare or financial services industries. We need to understand and comply with industry-specific regulations that apply to our client‟s services.


Permits  and  licenses - Wherever  mandated,  we  have  to  ensure  that  local  or  regional regulations may require companies to obtain permits or licenses before pursuing a particular line of communication. All paperwork should be in place.


Safety - Use common sense and consider safety concerns when developing promotional items, events, or campaigns on behalf of our clients.


Privacy  Regulations - Significant  restrictions  may  apply  to  the  use  and  distribution  of personal information gathered as part of a campaign. The Network is not authorized to ever sell, share, distribute, or  use such information in any way other than as indicated in the campaign and allowed by applicable law. Data pertaining to one client; whether of a personal or professional nature, cannot be shared with another.


Employment of people below 18 years of age - We neither employ nor seek feedback from children, as a part of our research activities.


Advocacy Organizations - If we recommend or assist a client in creating an advocacy organization, we must be transparent regarding the source of funding and the organizations interests that we represent.


Conflict of Interest - In the event of any special requests from our clients, or when a project or activity with one client has a bearing on the activity of another, we shall forward the matter to the compliance officer who will take a call on the matter and communicate the same to both clients. In such a case, we have to necessarily give up one assignment.


Client Representation - When we  draft communications for our clients, transparency of authorship and  our relationships with the experts who are the authors can, at times pose complex and challenging issues. Clients have to convey their mandates in writing via email or all their communication has to come on authorized letterheads, duly signed by an appropriate authority.

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